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We accept personal accounts, texts, articles and photographs from anyone willing to share their own experiences. Images submitted should be accompanied with a short description that indicates the location. Please submit all images at a width of 800-1000 pixels, preferably as JPEGs saved with at least 90% quality.

Itchyfeet Online Travel only accepts original material for consideration from the Copyright holder. By submitting material to this site (www.itchyfeet.org), or to any individual acting on behalf of this site, you warrant that any text, photo, article or content submitted to us is your own and that our use of it does not infringe on copyright.

By making a submission you grant this site (www.itchyfeet.org) unrestricted use of of that content on this site and any subsequent revisions of this site. Submitting content to us does not constitute an agreement by us to use such content, and we reserve the right to edit all submissions as we may deem necessary should we decide to include them.

For further information about our Legal Terms and Conditions, please read the USER'S AGREEMENT OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


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