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Name: Marta
Location: Warsaw, Poland

Comments: Hi! It's a great site but why you have nothing about Poland???

Name: Joyce Hsieh

Comments: Joyce is always waiting for your calls and email. Prepared to take her a free ride and you will enjoy the unexpected warmth. My pics are free for collection and I will provide more through designated website at http://communities.msn.com/Joycefantacy There were over 20 pics showing Joyce's exposed. You will really like to see.

Name: Rich Ward
Location: Cardiff, Wales,UK

Comments: If anyone is looking for information on Cardiff, UK, visit my website... it's got the lot

Name: Eileen
Location: Hamilton

Comments: Great website, will check more of it later, off to worknow.

Name: Magic Rates.com
Location: Magical Kingdom

Comments: Nice site. We welcome you & your guests to visit us at www.MagicRates.com For all of your Disney & Daytona Beach Vacation needs.... WWW.MagicRates.com 1-877-461-2456

Name: Carmon
Location: nv

Comments: My feet wont stop itching and i dont now why there just red and it's mustly my heil that itches.

Name: Paul
Location: UK

Comments: Great site. Shame you got the domain i wanted tho :o) Please check out my site if you are interested in travel in SouthEast Asia

Name: Manfrieda
Location: Eisen, Germany

Comments: Hallo from Germany! Tschus Gunter!

Name: Carlo Costanzo
Location: Toronto, ONTARIO

Comments: i noticed another Carlo Costanzo from NY!! big it up y0

Name: Pat
Location: Napa Valley, CA

Comments: Great Web Site!! Would appreciate receiving any information on the Cook Islands, best places to stay on Roratonga (we were thinking of the Muri area, but not a resort -would prefer a peaceful place)and the outer islands, best time of year to go (prefer dryer time of year) as well as any info on how the snorkeling is. Would appreciate all comments. THANKS!

Name: Michele Bioletti
Location: Auckland, NZ

Comments: Would like any info on flights in December to the UK including connections to Edinburgh.

Name: Roger
Location: NSW Australia

Comments: I think you have a great site here, as all of us know what joy it is to read, talk, and listen to other travel stories once you have travelled yourself. But could not help notice that your discussion forum seems to be a bit out dated, by that I mean very old postings. I don't know if and how you can get more people to post on a regular basis but thats the only thing I was a little dissapointed about but never the less a great site. Keep up the good work.

Name: ERYN
Location: BRISBANE

Comments: HELLO!

Name: Dave ROBERTS
Location: Vancouver, Canada

Comments: Nice, clean site with great graphics and photos!

Name: Jennifer Evans
Location: Austin, TX

Comments: I am 22 year old college female who will be graduating in May. I am looking to travel for atleast a month after I graduate, preferably to various beaches around the world. I need to be set up with a singles tour group with persons my age. Any suggestions?? : )

Name: Carlo Costanzo
Location: Brooklyn, New York

Comments: Just Passing Through Baby.

Name: The Hammer
Location: Napa Valley

Comments: Great site. I'm trying to put together a trip around the world for a family of four & would be very grateful for any ideas, tips, or suggestions.

Name: Chuck Poynter
Location: Huntsville, Texas

Comments: Your pictures are wonderful.

Name: yeraldin Gaspari
Location: Montevideo Uruguay

Comments: Great work!!! I especially liked the pictures!!!

Name: emorine
Location: North York ontario Canada

Comments: Great site!really interactive and I like the photos taht we can use as wallpaper. Thanks for feeding our dreams of travelling to far away magic places. Keep it up!

Name: Rena Nolan
Location: Westchester, New York

Comments: Excellent site. Wishing you all the best on this endeavor. Shows originality, creativity, and humour of the highest level. Definitely will be adding to "my favorites".

Name: Soozy
Location: Marina del Rey, CA

Comments: Great site! Have been looking for good photos of island/So. Pacific. Particularly arial. If you have any, please advise! Thanks for sharing! Wish I had all the photos I took the first time I went to Tahiti! Love the So. Pacific! Also interested in photos of marina mammals. Thanks for being here, you have inspired me! Time for a vacation!

Name: Dave
Location: Nebraska USA

Comments: Like the idea of submitting photos of favorite places. Have sent a few of my favorite, Norway. Hope others submit too. It's a great way to compare notes.

Name: Cmdr Tyderian
Location: UK

Comments: Great site...keep it up!!

Name: Gregor Totec

Comments: Great site, really like the sounds associated with the buttons, not so big on southern fried chicken myself, but nonetheless the magic eightball points to a very successfull beginning for this site.

Name: joeL
Location: california/philippines

Comments: hey cool site. its about time we have a site dedicated for traveling. hope to hear lots of good news from here.

Name: toshiro
Location: California, USA

Comments: Frighteningly good already, and progressing in leaps and bounds...I am exhilarated.

Name: vatna
Location: hamilton on canada

Comments: having been to some of the places,you are highlighting,i am impressed with your accuracy and colour of discription.the pics aren't too shabby either.give us more!!!

Name: Laslo
Location: Solar system 83989803987234, 3rd planet.....

Comments: It's the sound of space gone haywire, necessitating adjectives from the 21st Century to even describe it, because "cosmic" just doesn't cut it... God bless the Champ!

Name: `Lia
Location: Earth

Comments: Good work and keep going!!!

Name: Tank
Location: Syracuse NY

Comments: This site rocks! Keep up the good work Saul! :)

Name: Itchyfeet Staff
Location: Sydney, Australia

Comments: July 27, 1999: Welcome to our new Guestbook....yippee! We hope you enjoy the site as it develops and please feel free to drop us a line. =)

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